What is Adaptive Golf?


Adaptive golf is modifying the equipment and the environment by utilizing innovative technology and instruction techniques to make the game of golf accessible for individuals of all ages and abilities. This includes individuals who may have physical, cognitive, and developmental impairments. These individuals may not partake in activities of daily living such as enjoying the outdoors or socializing due to their disabilities and/or inability to afford the associated costs of the activities. Our goal is to make the game of golf accessible to everyone by changing their perception of golf and working with their abilities to achieve their goals. This truly is GOLF WITHOUT LIMITS!

Numerous studies have shown that by promoting activity, individuals with disabilities experience an increase in quality of life. The participants feel a greater sense of belonging and purpose, as well as improved self-confidence. Social activities provide the added benefit of an extended support network. In addition, many adaptive golf participants report improved physical and mental abilities, and an overall more positive outlook on life.

Please know that for the purposes of our programs, a disability can refer to physical, cognitive, or developmental impairments, even those associated with age, illness, and pain.