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Great News! Veterans Golf Programs Continue

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Starting Sunday, March 29, 2015 all Veterans with disabilities are welcome to join us at Weston Hills Country Club on the range for open golf practice from Noon to 1:00PM. This program is FREE! Lessons can be scheduled for 11:00AM, 11:30AM, and 1:30PM. Lessons are 30 minutes and the cost is $25. The first time you participate in open golf practice, we will schedule you for a mandatory, introductory lesson. After the introductory lesson, you are welcome to join us on the range every Sunday for open golf practice at no cost. Please contact us at to schedule your first lesson. Come enjoy golf as recreation, therapy, or rehabilitation and join other Veterans learning how to GOLF WITHOUT LIMITS!


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Amanda Chiplock - Certified Adaptive Golf Instructor, President/CEO, Secretary & Treasurer of Playing Through Adaptive Golf Institute, Inc. Medical Librarian by trade.